Mountain Bikes That My Sons Ride

I have been tuning up my sons’ mountain bikes for the coming winter. We do not ride our bike too much when the weather is cold, but they want to do again, what they did last year: ride down a hill covered with snow.

Last year we tried snow-biking on a small slope near the house. They like all that slipping and sliding while riding their bike. I think they saw a YouTube video of these people mountain biking down a snow-covered mountain at a French ski resort. Thanks a lot YouTube!

My eleven year old is riding a 1999 Trek 930 that I got off eBay. It is a 24 speed (3x8). It is pretty much stock except for the stem, pedals, brakes and index shifter/brake lever combo in place of the grip shifters. He has been riding it for the last two years. It is relatively light and very nibble. He loves riding the bike.

My eight year old is riding a 2003(?) Specialized Hotrock, again off eBay. It has 24” instead of 26” wheels. It is a six speed (1x6) with grip shifting. The bike is designed for kids not big enough for a “regular” mountain bike. The Hotrock is not as light as the Trek 930 but my younger son handles the Specialized just fine. I am amazed by how much ground he can cover with just six speeds.

In future posts I will share my experience of shopping for mountain bikes for my two sons. I will likely be looking for a bigger bike for my younger son since he is out growing the Hotrock.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions about the Trek 930, Specialized Hotrock, or buying a used bike on eBay.

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