Holmdel Park and Longstreet Farm

My sons and I went hiking at Holmdel Park this past weekend. It was a perfect autumn day for a short hike in the woods. Holmdel Park is where I brought my sons a few years ago for their first real hike in the woods. My older son was 6 years old then and the younger one was four years old.

We hiked part of the High Point trail, the Marsh Trail and the Ridge Walk. The total distance was about mile and a half and the terrain was relatively flat. We started our hike at the High Point trail head north of the tennis courts at the hill top portion of the park and ended the hike coming off the Ridge Walk trail south of the tennis courts. The trail is natural dirt and wounded through woods and marsh.

Holmdel Park and Longstreet Farm are part of the Monmouth County Park system located in Holmdel, New Jersey. I think it is the best park in the whole system.

The park has a network of hiking trails in the woods, lawns for outdoor games and activities, five tennis courts, two playgrounds for children, a fish stocked pond, and an arboretum. In the winter, when conditions permit, there is a small pond next to the bigger pond that offers a place to ice skating and a hill for sledding. During summer weekends, the park is a popular place with families, church and community groups to have picnics and gatherings.

Schools and other organization also use the park’s trials for cross country runs. Longstreet Farm is right after the entrance to the park on the right hand side. The farm has been preserved and volunteers run the farm dressed in period outfits and work the fields using horses and tools from the late 1800s. There are exhibits and animals to look at and daily and seasonal agricultural and domestic activities.

Holmdel Park and Longstreet Farm is definitely worth taking your kids and young children to visit. Most of the hiking trails should be easy to do with kids and children as young as three years old. There is no mountain bike riding on the trails.

Map of Holmdel Park


Easy hikes in the woods for children and should provide very enjoyable hikes for novice and experienced hikers alike. The trails do get crowded at times and sometimes are used for running events. Besides the trail, there is also fishing at the pond, tennis and Longstreet Farm. Check the park for scheduled events before going if you don’t like large crowds.

Trail Description:

Few miles of trail in the woods, rated easy to moderate.


*Garden State Parkway to Exit 114. Southbound, turn right onto Red Hill Rd; northbound, turn left onto Red Hill Rd. Follow Red Hill Rd. to Everett Rd., turn right (heading west). Follow Everett Rd. to Roberts Rd., turn left. Follow Roberts Rd. to Longstreet Rd.; turn right to Park on left.

*State Hwy. 34 to Roberts Rd. (1.75 miles north of Rt. 520). Southbound, turn left; northbound, turn right. Follow Roberts Rd. to Longstreet Rd., turn left. Park is on left.

*State Hwy. 35 to Holmdel/Keyport Rd. Northbound, turn left; southbound, and turn right. Follow Holmdel/Keyport Rd. to Crawfords Corner Rd., turn left. Continue to Longstreet Rd., turn right Park is on right.

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